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LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pilot 2 Cadence Meter
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LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pilot 2 Cadence Meter

LeMond Fitness RevMaster Pilot 2 Cadence Meter

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At last - an effective way to measure individual performance for indoor group cycling. The RevMaster Pilot displays your workout statistics - eliminating the guesswork of indoor cycling class instruction. Classes are more unified, and it is so much easier to use cadence, time, distance, and heart rate factors to help class participants be successful.
At last - an effective measurement device that gives you personal feedback on your workout! The LeMond RevMaster Pilot measures your time, distance, and cadence as you cycle - as well as providing feedback on calories burned and heart rate when a Polar? compatible heart rate chest strap is worn.
The Pilot is so easy to use. Simply touch the start button and the Pilot is activated, with an attractive backlit console for easy reading - even in darkened indoor cycling studios.
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An essential training tool For indoor cycling, the intensity of your workout is determined by the rate at which you cycle (rpm or pedal revolutions per minute) and the intensity of the resistance that you apply. Using feedback provided by the LeMond RevMaster Pilot, you can now vary your workout according to your own personal training goals. Lower cadence levels (rpms) with more resistance and longer time periods is good for strength training - while adding more cadence can help endurance riding or developing short bursts of speed. Heart rate monitoring is also another very effective training tool. A great way to design new cycling classes The secret to keeping indoor cycling class members motivated is to offer exciting classes that help riders achieve their fitness or training goals. Using cadence as a measurement tool, instructors can design new riding profiles that simulate different types of terrain - making it easier for cyclists to achieve the cadence range requested by the instructor. Timed efforts, interval training, and heart rate factors can all be included to create different indoor cycling experiences. More effective class instruction The RevMaster Pilot eliminates the guesswork of indoor cycling instruction! Instead of trying to count the beat of the music to determine pedal cadence, the Pilot gives the user instant feedback. Classes are more unified and it is so much easier to use time, distance, and heart rate factors to help class participants be successful. PLEASE NOTE - THE LEMOND REVMASTER PILOT MUST BE INSTALLED ON THE NEW REVMASTER LOOP HANDLEBARS - WHICH ARE STANDARD ON NEW REVMASTERS OR AVAILABLE AS A LOOP HANDLEBARD UPGRADE KIT


Designed exclusively for the LeMond RevMaster Pro, the Pilot uses state of the art wireless digital and analog technology.  Easy to use, innovative features makes the Pilot a great workout companion.
Displays Cadence,/RPM, Time, Distance, Heart Rate*, Calories*
Batteries included (5)
Digital and analog technology
Coded System for no cross talk
Installs in less than 10 minutes - all components included
Patent Pending
*when used with optional heart rate chest strap transmitter


Power Supply: Battery Operated - 5 AAA Batteries
Frequency: Operates on 122k frequency
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